Organic Flax Seed Powder 25 kg / 55 lb Sack

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Botanical Name: Linum usitatissimum

Origin: India

USDA Certified Organic - Non GMO - Kosher Certified - Steam Sterilized

Flax seeds have long been considered one of the most powerful plant foods in existence, and consuming them in powder form allows the body to maximize the health benefits which include:

  • High levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acids which are good heart-healthy fats
  • Contains high levels of Lignans which possess antioxidant qualities
  • Good source of both soluble and insoluble fiber
  • Benefits the cardiovascular system by acting as an anti-inflammatory, and decreasing blood pressure and blood clots

As with most dietary supplements, pregnant women should avoid flax seed due to its potential hormonal effects. Consult with a doctor before using this product if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any medications.



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